Everyday Pain Relief

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As we all know, everyday life can be just as demanding on your body as a tough workout or a hard day's work.

Relief of these muscle aches and pains is easy when you have the right medicine . . . and Thera-Gesic® Creme can provide the needed relief to everyday aches and pains.

Gently massage thin layers of the creme into and around the sore or painful area. The number of thin layers controls the intensity of action:

  • One thin layer provides a mild treatment
  • Two thin layers provide a strong treatment
  • Three thin layers provide a very strong treatment

You can apply Thera-Gesic® Creme up to 4 times daily.

Thera-Gesic® has a greaseless, non-staining formula. Once Thera-Gesic® Creme has penetrated the skin, the area may be washed, leaving it dry, clean, and fragrance-free without decreasing the effectiveness of the product.

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